This service gives you the advantage of your own retained expert health and safety advisor. It comes without the associated ongoing employment costs.

The support is tailored to your requirements and you can decide to what level and when it is required.

It provides you with a single point of contact for all your health and safety requirements. You also get access to our wider network of supporting services and expertise.

This retained advisor service is particularly effective for smaller businesses. It is useful for those who do not have the need or the capacity for their own internal resources.

About the retained advisor service

  • Designated “competent person” to meet your legal requirements
  • Providing a one stop shop for all your Health and Safety needs
  • Having access to our wider network of supporting external services
  • Providing a flexible resource to use when you need it
  • Provision of all relevant documentation
  • Providing assistance and support with internal health and safety campaigns across your business. There is an emphasis on key behaviours and the consequence of decision making at work
  • Training programmes that are tailored and related specifically to your working environment
  • Assisting with continuous improvement plans

Areas of expertise:

  • Small Business Support
  • Retail / office refurbishment, including CDM 2015 support and site inspections
  • Manufacturing, including Joinery
  • Logistics (Warehousing and Transport)
  • Home Delivery
  • General Commercial
  • Outdoor events
  • Estate Management
  • Local sports events

For more information contact us on:

Tel: +44 7977 178193