Safety Through the Mind of the Customer

When supporting a local glamping business this week with their post lockdown opening plans, one of the key areas of focus and discussion was about reducing customer concerns of Covid-19.

When attracting customers, the site is very keen to demonstrate:

  • It is Covid secure
  • That they have taken all steps possible to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone who stays.

Walking the Site as a Customer

It may seem an obvious approach, but I walked the site viewing it as a potential customer and not just as a health and safety professional.

Starting at the point when a customer arrives, through to the point when the customer leaves.

This approach enabled a thorough and systematic review of all the potential areas where a person (employee or customer) could spread the virus or become infected.

This included:

  1. How the virus could spread from person to person through social interaction with employees and other guests
  2. How the virus could spread via contaminated surfaces and items

In this instance the support provided was purely to confirm that the Covid-19 risk assessment was comprehensive and the opening plans are robust.

The site operating plans and communication focus heavily on:

  • Site hygiene and cleaning regimes, particularly all the touch points – before, during and after their stay
  • Social distancing measures, including additional site controls/layout changes
  • A rota for the communal areas
  • Designating specific welfare facilities to each guest group, such as showers and boxes of additional bedding/equipment

In doing so most, if not all, of the potential customer concerns have been addressed.


Clear, timely and precise communication is important to help reduce customer concerns of Covid-19. This will be done via the website, verbally with the customer and with a welcome pack and signage around the site.

With thorough and robust operating plans in place, the site is well placed to comprehensively answer any customer concerns and allay their fears. Importantly, all of the employees have been engaged in the planning and with the risk assessments, enabling a consistent message to be given to all people staying at the site.

They can also confidently display the government’s blue Covid Secure poster.

All the measures are to be available prior to booking. They are explained at the point of booking and reinforced on arrival to the site.



For more information or support contact Andy on 07977 178193 or via our contact form.


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